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I was born at the very very end of the 1960’s in an East Coast town in the North of England. The geography of my birth, makes me a ‘Yorkshire Lass’.  And the maps show  I was just a stones throw really from the Yorkshire Dales, the Moors and the Wolds.  Not too far for us to be packed up in a car journey to spend our summer holidays in Scotland, Derbyshire or even the Lakes.  I had the great fortune to grow up in the 1970´s with very adventurous parents, who helped make my childhood memories being the images of standing on mountain peaks, wading across rivers or cycling the lanes.  I fell in love as a kid with the ruggedness of Ingleborough, Whernside, Pen-y-gent, and HowGilll falls.   Making my move to Spain in the late 1990’s was easy after picking a home in the foothills of the Sierra de Mijas mountain range.  Living snuggled between the mountains and the Mediterranean.  I have hiked, ran, cycled in many places in the world.  Usually in the more mountainous regions.  With the passion I have had for my whole life, or needing to see the view from the next mountain top, absolutely having  to cross the river to see what is at the other side, or just taking pleasure in wandering freely with a whole day in front of me along some quiet picturesque tracks, I became involved in establishing Elemental Adventures with Summer and Matt.   Hiking the Pico de Mijas, Marbella’s famous La Concha, Estepona’s Bemeja range and the Monties de Malaga now form the walking routes for our adventurous hiking clients.  And I truly could not find any thing that would give to me a better day ‘at the office’!

Born and raised in the Costa Del Sol, Summer knows the landscape, nightlife and people like the back of her hand. At 16, she moved to London and completed a Sports and Exercise course before gaining multiple qualifications in Outdoor Pursuits in Swanage, where she met Matt. After travelling in South-East Asia for several months together, they returned to Spain, got married and planned how they could share her beautiful homeland with as many people as possible, using their knowledge and skills to the utmost.

Matt Gibb was born in the wilds of North Yorkshire, UK in the frigid month of June and raised in New Hampshire, USA by a pack of angry moose. At the tender age of 19, he was recruited into a rigorous training program in the harsh and unforgiving environment of Swanage in Dorset, UK. When he emerged, he was a highly-trained, elite outdoor instructor, ready to take on any challenge. Visiting the Costa Del Sol, childhood home of his wife, he recognized the unlimited potential that the area had to offer. The outdoor-life and scenery are unparalleled, as are the nightlife and beach-scene. He decided that here, he would stake a claim on the American, er, Spanish Dream and create a business where he could share his love of nature with like-minded people. And thus, Elemental Adventures was born.

Our story

Elemental Adventures is owned and managed by qualified outdoor pursuits instructors with experience in the UK, the USA and in Spain. We have a great love and respect for nature and enjoy immersing ourselves in it any way we can. We want to share our love of Spain’s natural and mankind-enhanced beauty with you the best way we know how – by taking advantage of the warm and sunny climate consistent in Southern Spain, and walking you through it! Having been born and raised in the Mijas vicinity, we are perfectly suited to show you the best this area has to offer.

"Moving to Spain - better weather!"
Leo Headley
"Haven't enjoyed myself that much in years! Def booking again!"
Ricardo Stenberg
"I need another week of holiday!"
Emma Normansson
"Scared of heights but Caminito del Rey totally worth it - Summer and Matt awesome guides!"
Nathan Booth
"Found Elemental Adventures leaflet on bus - think somebody dropped it - and thought I'd give them a try. So glad I did! Best holiday I've had in years!"
Patrick Ibbot
"Highly recommend Elemental Adventures - saw places I probably wouldn't have otherwise!"
Joshua Sadler

The Mijas Pueblo Walk

Reaching the top is always a rewarded challenge - but so is...