The Mijas Pueblo One

Reaching the top is always a rewarding challenge – but so is hiking in the lower foothills of any mountain range!

Imagine a place where everywhere you look, the views are breathtaking. Looking upwards you see the rugged beauty of a mountain, magnificent against the cerulean Spanish sky. Looking downwards takes you over the green and brown ripples of countryside, dotted with olive groves and farmhouses, all the way down to the golden beaches lining the sparkling Mediterranean Sea…

We believe this hike will leave you with the satisfaction of a fulfilling day in the mountains. Breathing in that clean warm air, the feel of the winding rocky pathways, and the welcome shade of the trees that grow on the lower slopes. The smells of the wildness of the flowering shrubbery and the calming silence , that is too difficult to describe in words – but the feeling will stay with you forever.

  We have 2 meeting points:

1 –  Central Fuengirola:
Next to the bus and train station.  
From here we take the county bus ride 4 km up to the white washed pueblo of Mijas.  Just nestled in the mountains

2 – Mijas Pueblo:
Next to the Tourist Information Building (by the donkey statue)
We walk up through the tiny cobbled streets which wind themselves to the top of this historic village.  The famous coloured plant pots brimming with the bright colours of the Spanish geraniums Once we leave the village behind us – we are straight onto the tracks. Our Guides are all Outdoor First Aid trained so you can leave any worries at the door.  We know these routes like the back of our hand, so if you stick with us we’ll make sure you have a safe adventure!

  Price: €30 / Person

Fuengirola Meeting Point

Mijas Pueblo Meeting Point

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